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Scope of project: Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD, and Jennifer Bright, with decades of publishing and health care experience, are creating a network of Top Health Leaders, gathering your wisdom into a new collaborative book—and offering you extensive media and speaking training and opportunities. 

Book specs: Full-color, 160-page paperback book—plus eBook and audiobook: Intentional Wellness:  Overcome Burnout, Relieve Stress, and Live a Healthy Life with Self-Care Tips from Top Health Leaders, featuring your chapter, photo, bio, and contact information in the book—and your photo on the back cover, promotional materials, and website. 

Book availability: Our book will be available on Amazon.com and to order at 39,000+ stores, libraries, and websites across the United States and 300+ other countries.

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Elements of collaborative publishing:

Publishing Coaching: 30-minute virtual session with our publishing expert to interview you for your profile in the book PLUS a 30-minute phone/zoom session later to talk about your own book. Book participation includes:

•             Profile and photo featured in book

•             15 copies of the book to gift or sell, plus the ability to buy more at cost

Promotion and Speaking Consultation Package: 30-minute virtual session with our marketing/PR expert to provide you guidance on getting maximum exposure PLUS a 30-minute podcast feature interview for you to use on your website and to help you secure more media opportunities.

•             Inclusion in the virtual book launch celebration

•             Signature talk creation workshop

•             Additional add-on available: Listing on the intentional wellness speaker bureau website

Benefits of collaborative author participation

  • You’ll be a published author: Increasing your visibility, establishing you as an expert, raising your personal platform, growing your personal brand, and attracting new revenue streams, such as speaking engagements—getting you invited to more stages. 
  • You will be interviewed by our professional writer in a 30-40-minute phone interview, who will ghostwrite your chapter, which you will review and approve before publication. You also have the option of writing your own chapter, if you prefer.
  • By sharing your story, you can help many more people, far beyond your current circle of influence
  • You can introduce your company/brand/practice/business to a wider audience. Your bio and contact information will be in your chapter. 
  • Your chapter will help you share your story with prospective clients. When people are deciding with whom to do business, they choose people they know, like, and trust.
  • You’ll collaborate with and be associated with the other successful Top Health Leaders featured in the book and network with them in our Facebook community.
  • You’ll receive our Top Health Leader logo, to include on your website and social media. 
  • By working with our expert publishing team, you’ll learn all about the publishing process, including writing, editing, copyediting, cover designing, interior designing, and proofreading—however your time commitment will be minimal—less than 2 hours!
  • We’ll include you in all of our book promotions, and we’ll feature you on our website and in our social media. 
  • You’ll receive bookmark, postcard, and flyer designs to print and share. 

Additional benefits of participation:

  • 30-minute podcast feature interview for each author to use on their website and to help secure more media opportunities.
  • Inclusion in the virtual book launch celebration broadcast
  • Signature talk creation virtual workshop
  • Opportunity to be featured on the intentional wellness speaker bureau website

Cost to participate: $2,995

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 The Process:

  • Present through spring 2022: 
    • Submit your application for consideration.
    • Selected authors will be invited to participate in a virtual information and brainstorming sesssion.
    • We send you an agreement to sign.  Payment due upon signing.
    • Our writer interviews you by phone for 30-45 minutes, you answer questions by email, or you write your own profile.
    • Your profile is edited and copyedited.
  • Before June-July 2022:
    • We send your profile to you to review.
    • We make your changes and design your profile in the book.
  • Around September 2022: 
    • We send you the designed pages to review.
    • You have your 30-minute virtual session with a marketing/PR expert to provide participants guidance on getting maximum exposure  PLUS a 30-minute podcast feature interview for each author to use on their website and to help secure more media opportunities
  • Around November 2022:
    • The book releases for sale on Amazon.
    • The book is available to order in 39,000+ stores, libraries, and websites nationwide and in 300+ other countries.
    • The book is printed.
  • Around December 2022:
    • You receive your printed copies to sell or gift.
    • You can buy additional copies to sell or gift. 
    • Attend the virtual book launch celebration.

The Curators:

  • Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD: Best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and international mind-body-spirit expert featured numerous media outlets including Fast Company, Psychology Today, Redbook, and as a Good Housekeeping Top 100 Medical Expert.
  • Jennifer Bright: founder, Bright Communications, a woman- and veteran-owned custom publisher, with a team of 25+ former Rodale Press staff members
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