Want to take a life-changing vacation and finish your book? Let’s go!

Wandering Writers Workshops are five- to 10-day trips that will give you the experience of a lifetime, while also providing an opportunity to focus on you and that writing project you’ve been wanting to finish. You will gain incredible expansion and growth through conversations with other authors and our team, while working directly with Jennifer Bright, founding CEO of Bright Communications. Participants will finish this trip with a new understanding of self, an accomplished a writing and/or publishing goal, and a new group of friends to support and cheer you on your future writing goals.

These trips are not just sightseeing. They are intentional to support people who have serious writing goals. Some goals may just be to get into a writing routine, some may be to become better writers, some may be to finish that manuscript while in mesmerizing South Africa, and some may be to publish your book.


We welcome all:

  • Aspiring authors who yearn for the space and time to write and/or publish their books.
  • Authors looking for tips and expert advice to bring their books to life.
  • Authors who need support, camaraderie, and encouragement from other authors and publishing experts. 


We’re planning annual trips, beginning in 2023 to:

  • Disney World
  • Hawaii
  • Puerto Rico
  • South Africa


We meet authors where you are in your publishing journey. 

  • Coaching Package: Authors who have an idea for their book: We will work with you to develop your idea into an outline, table of contents, and draft, and we will help you create a schedule and plan to write your book.
  • Editing Package: Authors whose manuscript is written: We will edit your book for organization, style, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. We will polish your manuscript so it is ready to submit to agents and traditional publishers, to independent publishers, or to publish yourself.
  • Self-Publishing Package: Authors who wish to self-publish: We will review your book, apply one of our design templates, design your cover, and help you set up your accounts to self-publish your book.


About Your South Africa Guide Gregg Potter
Gregg’s work in the country includes: Advocating and asset mapping for homeless refugees in downtown Johannesburg, Working with the Legal Resources Center and the United Nations in Cape Town to streamline the process for LGBTQ asylum seekers while assessing the ability of the Department of Home Affairs to grant those persons asylum, and many different projects with communities throughout the country. In addition to working in South Africa, Potter has worked in Mozambique, Uganda, Belize, Vietnam, and St. Lucia. Gregg is an experienced international traveler and has traveled to over 30 countries. 

Gregg is a connector. This gift and skill set of connecting has created many opportunities for expanding educational and work experience in many different sectors. He worked in upper management and community engagement for Starbucks in Los Angeles. He has worked in the restaurant industry as general manager, district manager, and consultant. Potter is also a trained facilitator and futurist often getting hired to consult and facilitate strategic planning. He has also been trained in conflict resolution by Bob and Alice Evans. Potter has a BFA in Theatre Performance from University of Nevada Las Vegas and a Masters in Public Service from the Clinton School of Public Service.

About Your Publishing Guide Jennifer Bright 
Jennifer Bright is founding CEO of Bright Communications LLC. She is a publisher, editor, and writer with more than 25 years of publishing experience. Her team publishes more than 25 books a year, and together they have contributed to thousands of books, magazines, and newspaper articles.

Jennifer proudly served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army for four years, stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington. She then worked for seven years on staff at Rodale before launching her own editorial business, Bright Communications LLC in 2004.

Jennifer’s passion is helping authors bring their books to life, to in turn help readers live healthier, happier lives. She lives in Hellertown, Pennsylvania, with her fiancé. Together, they have four sons, three cats, two dogs, and one amazing life. She can be reached at jennifer@brightcommunications.net.


Cost for the trip varies and does not include the writing/publishing packages.

Writing/Publishing Packages

• Coaching Package: Ideal for authors who have an idea for their book and need coaching and support creating an outline, table of contents, and draft and also a schedule and plan to write your book.

  • $1,400
  • Pre-trip: One-hour group introductory Zoom and one-hour one-on-one zoom with publisher Jennifer Bright
  • During trip: Two hour Zooms with Jennifer (also includes research and material reviews by the Bright team) 
  • Post-trip: One-hour wrap up and next-steps Zoom with Jennifer

• Editing Package: Ideal for authors whose manuscript is written who need editing support and manuscript polishing to submit their books to traditional or independent publishers or to self-publish.

  • $2,400+ depending on manuscript length
  • Pre-trip: One-hour group introductory Zoom and one-hour one-on-one zoom with publisher Jennifer Bright
  • During trip: Two hour Zooms with Jennifer (also includes full editing of manuscript by the Bright team) 
  • Post-trip: One-hour wrap up and next-steps Zoom with Jennifer

• Self-Publishing Package: Ideal for authors whose manuscript is written and plan to self-publish.

  • $3,400
  • Pre-trip: One-hour group introductory Zoom and one-hour one-on-one zoom with publisher Jennifer Bright
  • During trip: Two+ hour Zooms with Jennifer (also includes review and design of manuscript and cover design by the Bright team) 
  • Post-trip: One-hour wrap up and next-steps Zoom with Jennifer 


Can I just participate in the program as a vacation?
These trips are definitely writing retreats. You can join us and just write. We have the added menu for those who are working to complete their manuscript and get their books published soon. We realize not everyone is trying to write a book and some just love to write. You are welcome here. 

Do I need a Visa to visit South Africa?
Persons coming from the United States & Canada are provided a ninety-day Visitors Visa when arriving to South Africa. Anyone joining us from other countries will need to check with their government’s rules and regulations on visiting South Africa.

Is COVID-19 an issue?
As of now, COVID-19 is not any larger of an issue as it is in the United States and in the U.K. We will update participants if this changes. 

Is South Africa safe? 
South Africa is safe, but like everywhere, has difficulties and challenges. South Africa has one of the largest wealth gap disparities in the world. Because of that, petty crime is a real issue. Due to COVID-19, crime has increased. We will have trainings about safety & security before departing and when we arrive. The most difficult part of traveling in South Africa is that visitors easily feel at home and can become less cautious, creating opportunity for crimes to occur. Please review the US South Africa Travel Advisory to see the severity of circumstances. Feel free to email Gregg directly to discuss the safety & security procedures we will put into place on this trip.

What if I’ve never traveled before?
How exciting! This is a great first trip. It might be a little more challenging than taking a cruise, but you will be with an experienced guide and a cohort and will be constantly surrounded by South Africans who have your best interest in mind.

What if the dates do not work for me?
Email us to inquire.

What about travel insurance? 
Your travel insurance fees are included in the cost of the program. In addition, you will be registered in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) through the US government.

Do I have to book my own flight? 
Beyond the cost of the program, you will be responsible for purchasing your round-trip flight to South Africa, two dinners, and anything you want to buy as souvenirs, snacks, or beverages when we are out on the town. We can assist you with purchasing flights if participants need that service.

What if I want to stay longer? 
You are more than welcome to stay longer. You will discuss your travel plans with Gregg to make sure you are set up to continue after the end of the trip.

What safety precautions are set into place for the trip?
Often South Africa feels very safe. Petty crimes are the most common things to happen to visitors. Gregg and your team of South Africans will keep up to date about whether there are any additional concerns while traveling. The largest concern is when we are in city centers such as Johannesburg and Cape Town. We will thoroughly discuss safety and security procedures prior to departing for the trip.

How will we get around? 
Transportation is included in the cost of the trip. Most of the time we will be in a minibus. We may take the subway in Johannesburg for one trip. Additionally, we will take in-country airlines between Johannesburg and Cape Town. 

What if I can’t be there the whole time? 
If you want to join us but are concerned and have conflicts with the dates, please email Gregg (gregg@projectkinect.com).

What vaccines will I need?
You must be current on your Tetanus and Hepatitis shots. Malaria and Yellow Fever are not issues in South Africa. Please take a look at the CDC recommendations for this trip.