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About the Book
After struggling for more than a decade with depression, insomnia, overweight, and low self-worth, Patty Barajas Godinez finally figured out how to live her life with more purpose, learning how to pick up the pieces and put herself back together again. 

As Patty discovered the healthy habits that worked for her, she organized them into her own journal, which she realized might help others struggling with the same challenges. Patty loves to see other people rise and expand, and she felt it would be selfish not to share what worked so well for her with the world.

About the Author
Several years ago, Patty Barajas Godinez created a growth mindset accountability/mastermind team where she inspires others to take action and live their best life. She has helped hundreds of women who struggle with busy lives, offering them support, accountability, and direction. She is also certified as an Ultimate Portion Fix Nutrition Coach.

Patty has been meal prepping for 10 years for her family. In 2021, after receiving requests for her meals, she founded a local meal preparation business called Blooming Meal Preps.  

Patty lives in Castaic, California, with her husband, their three children, and her enormous family. 

Keep Going, Keep Growing is also available in Spanish, Sigue Adelante, Continua Creciendo

To learn more, follow Patty’s story on Instagram @pbgodinez.

Format: Hardcover & Paperback
Trim size: 8×10
Cover price: hardcover $29.99 // paperback $24.99
Page count: 112 pages 
ISBN: 978-1-958711-23-1 HD 
978-1-958711-26-2 PB
SPANISH: 978-1-958711-24-8 HC 
SPANISH 978-1-958711-27-9 PB