Scope of project: Jennifer Bright, Rita Guthrie and Rob Sayre, with Bright Communications, are publishing a new book series, featuring stories and advice from Lehigh Valley business leaders. We call you: Local Luminaries: Trend Setters, Thought Leaders, Trail Blazers. Participation in the book is by invitation only.

Book specs: Full-color, 192-page paperback book, plus eBook and audiobook. The book will feature profiles and photos—all with the theme of Success Reimagined

Book availability: Like all of Bright Communication’s books, Success Reimagined will be available on, in local stores, and to order at 39,000+ stores, libraries, and websites across the United States and 300+ other countries.

Benefits of participation:   

  • You’ll be a published author: Increasing your visibility, establishing you as an expert, raising your personal platform, growing your personal brand, and attracting new revenue streams, such as speaking engagements and book sales. 
  • You can share your story and help many people, beyond your current circle of influence
  • You’ll be associated with the other successful contributors featured in the book.
  • You’ll receive our Local Luminaries logo, to include on your website and social media. 
  • You can introduce your company/brand/business to a wider audience. The first printing alone will be 1,500+ books.
  • We’ll include you in all of our book promotions.
  • We’ll feature you on our website and in our social media. 
  • You’ll receive bookmark, postcard, and flyer designs to print and share. 

Cost to participate: To participate, contributors buy copies of the book, which you can gift or sell to your friends, family, and fans: 

  • Sole proprietors: buy 15 books at $20 each = $300 investment 
  • Contributors with 1-50 team members: buy 40 books at $20 each = $800 investment 
  • Contributors with 50+ team members: buy 60 books at $20 each = $1,200 investment

This cost includes a personal photo session with renowned local photographer Terree Yeagle of the Moment Photography. The curators will choose one of those photos to include in the book with your profile, and you’ll receive the rights to also use that photo as you wish. You can purchase the rights to use all photos from your session to use as you wish—on your website, in your social media, in your promotional materials. 

The Process:

  • Present through September 2020: 
    • You’re invited to be a local luminary.
    • We send you an agreement to sign.
    • Our writer interviews you by phone for 30-45 minutes, you answer questions by email, or you write your own profile.
    • Your profile is edited and copyedited.
  • Around October 2020:
    • We send your profile to you to review—half of the participation fee is due now.
    • We make your changes and design your profile in the book.
  • Around November 2020: 
    • We send you the designed pages to review.
    • You schedule your photoshoot—second half of the participation fee is due now.
  • Around March 2021
    • The book releases for sale on Amazon.
    • The book is available to order in 39,000+ stores, libraries, and websites nationwide and in 300+ other countries.
    • The book is printed.
  • Around April 2021:
    • You receive your printed copies to sell or gift.
    • You can buy additional copies to sell or gift. 

Interview Questions:

  • Can you tell me about your business?
  • What sets your business apart in your industry?
  • What was your approach for building your business?
  • The theme of the book is success reimagined. How did you apply that to your business?
  • How do you define success in your business?
  • What helped you achieve your success?
  • Was there anything unexpected/unusual that helped propel you to success?
  • Can you give an example of a challenge you faced and how you handled it?
  • Are there key aspects to your success that you’d like to share with others?
  • Who are some mentors that you have had?
  • How were they important in who you are today and why?
  • Do you have a set daily schedule? How do you structure your time, if at all?
  • What have you read or listened to recently?
  • Are there any bad decisions you have made that helped you grow and learn?

The Curators:

  • Jennifer Bright: founder, Bright Communications, a woman- and veteran-owned custom publisher, with a team of 25+ former Rodale Press staff members
  • Rita Guthrie: Idea Lady | Owner, Open Door Public Relations 
  • Rob Sayre: former business manager, Rodale Book Division | real estate investor  
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