Our Local Luminaries titles are collaborative books, which are paperbacks, eBooks, and audiobooks featuring many collaborators in one book. In these books, each person contributes their story to one chapter. These books feature stories and advice from local business leaders. Participation in these projects is by invitation only.

Book specs: Full-color, 140-page paperback book, plus eBook and audiobook.

Book availability: Like all of Bright Communication’s books, these books will be available on Amazon.com, in local stores, and to order at 39,000+ stores, libraries, and websites across the United States and 300+ other countries. 

Benefits of participation:   

  • You’ll be a published author: Increasing your visibility, establishing you as an expert, raising your personal platform, growing your personal brand, and attracting new revenue streams, such as speaking engagements and book sales. 
  • The program includes a private photography session with a local photographer. You choose the photo that will appear in the book, and you also get the rights to use that photo anywhere you would like.
  • You can share your story and help many people, beyond your current circle of influence
  • You’ll be associated with the other successful contributors featured in the book.
  • You’ll receive our Local Luminaries logo, to include on your website and social media. 
  • You can introduce your company/brand/business to a wider audience. The first printing alone will be several hundred books.
  • You’ll receive bookmark, postcard, and flyer designs to print and share if applicable. 
  • You’ll receive 5 copies of the book to gift or share. You can purchase additional copies at $10 each for orders of 10 books or more.
  • You can receive a free half-hour personal session with Jennifer Bright about publishing YOUR book.

The process:   

  1. You can find more information about the publisher on our home page and more information about other books in this series, like Success Reimagined.
  2. The publisher will send you an agreement detailing the project and participation.
  3. You (and around 27 other contributors) will be interviewed by phone or zoom by one of the publisher’s writers.
  4. The publisher will then write your story and send it to you to review.
  5. Included with your fee is a professional photo shoot. You choose the photo to use in the book and you receive the rights to use that photo anywhere you wish, such as on your website or social media.
  6. The publisher designs your profile and sends it to you to review and approve.
  7. The book is published on amazon.com and available to order everywhere books are sold.
  8. You receive 5 copies to gift or share.
  9. You can buy additional copies at half off the cover price, around $10 per book.

Cost of Participation: 

  • Four-page book profile: $500, can be paid in two installments, the publisher will invoice you.
  • 8-page book profile: $1000, can be paid in two installments, the publisher will invoice you.
  • 12-page book profile: $1500, can be paid in two installments, the publisher will invoice you.
  • Other options might be available for particular book projects

Book Schedule: Our books take 9-12 months to create.

Local Luminaries Books Currently in Production

Success Reimagined: Capitol City Edition: Being created and published by Ardee Burno, Jr.

Success Reimagined: Loveland, Colorado, Edition: Being created and published by Poppy Richie

Success Reimagined: Pinellas County, Florida, Edition: Being created and published by Carol Cannon

All in the Family: Lehigh Valley Edition: Being created and published by Rita Guthrie and Robert Sayre

If you are not interested, please consider referring me to someone else who may want to be a contributor and has a success story to share.