Amazon Review Director Kim Hahr

Kim has been part of the Bright Communications team for many years. Each week she checks all of our books on amazon for new reviews. She “likes” them and sends them to the author to like and comment to them. This activity helps increase your book’s ranking—and sales.

Print and Web Designer Jennifer Giandomenico

A print and digital designer, who previously worked in books and magazines at Rodale for 18+ years, Jennifer also helps design and maintain, including their book pages. 

Director of Promotions Cielo Giandomenico

Cielo has been creating the Bright Communications promotional materials (including flyers, postcards, bookmarks, review inserts) for a few years now and is eager to begin explore new and exciting promotional opportunities.

QR Creator Paul Benner

Paul is an IT expert with decades of experience in the Lehigh Valley. In addition to special projects, he also creates QR codes for all of our books’ Amazon pages.  

Special Projects Director Abby Dawson

Abby is an accounting expert in the Lehigh Valley. She processes our invoices, orders books, and completes other special projects.

Communications Director Colleen Gorsky

Colleen has more than 10 years of experience working with authors and publishers on events, both large and small, handling everything from marketing and purchasing to location and setup. In her previous role, as a Community Business Development Manager with Barnes & Noble, she was always looking for ways to team authors with events happening in the store, with schools, businesses, and the community.