A Conversation Book

About the Book
How to Fix a Bad Day is a children’s conversation and picture book, helping kids to understand and express their feelings. The author’s intention is to provide a moment to feel a few feelings, clear the mind, and see what you can find.

We can all relate to a bad day. From big to small, life delivers obstacles and frustrations that stir our emotions daily. Certainly, seeing the good can be challenging at any age as feelings rush in, take control of our thoughts, and affect our actions. Understanding the complicated connection of feelings, choices, and consequences is challenging, but yet, so important for the youngest of young.

This conversation book invites the reader into the process of a powerful pause, one that inspires intentional thinking, reasoning, and discussions about important emotions, decisions, and what if’s. Critical social and emotional thinking, problem-solving, self-reflection, and more are blended within the pages of this book to provide opportunities for intentional conversations and learning for everyone.

May you take the time to
and enjoy the moment to inspire

Pam and Kelsi Cantone

About the Author
Pam Cantone is a certified educator, parent coach, and meditation guide. She is passionate about encouraging others to find the wisdom that is woven within life. Her family and friends motivated her to chase her dream to become a children’s writer that inspires conversations to find important answers from important questions.  

Pam lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Rob, and she loves to take walks with her rescued furry pal Josie or sit quietly with a cup of coffee to gather her thoughts. Her two grown daughters, Kelsi and Casey, and grandson James helped her become the mom, “GiGi,” and author she is today.

About the Illustrator
Kelsi Cantone lives in Pennsylvania with her husband Anthony and is the new mom of one to her son James. When she is not working full-time at her family’s business or in “mom-mode” she finds joy in reading, drawing and painting. She hopes to inspire the same love for books, art and music in her children and as well as others and is thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with her own mom on this book.

Format: Paperback
Trim size: 8.5×11
Cover price: $15
ISBN: 978-1-952481-29-1
Page count: 48