By Katherine Inez Davis

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A Personal Journal for Ketamine Therapy

About the Book
Like ketamine therapy, your pen is a powerful tool.

Join these in CONNECTED as you prepare for, record, and successfully integrate your healing experience. 

As you know, patients turning to ketamine therapy to treat severe depression, PTSD, chronic pain, and related physical and mental health issues can take active steps alongside treatment for improved outcomes. Journaling—a healthy outlet on its own—is one of these. 

Katherine Inez Davis focused graduate study on the ketamine patient experience and found undeniably consistent themes to create CONNECTED.

Your personal journal for ketamine therapy offers:

  • Three different sets of working pages to support the complete process of this unique treatment: Preparation, Recall, and Connection
  • A space to explore the tremendous, unusual experience of ketamine; and capture the sensory, emotional, and mental missives within
  • Organized, broad prompts to bring clarity to details and connect the experience to daily life
  • A starting point for review and discussion with a counselor, medical team, or support group
  • A flexible, growing document for the critical phase of integration

CONNECTED has ample writing space and a functional layout that brings ease to the process. 

This journal was designed to work in partnership with your treatment, allowing a chance to thoughtfully consider how the ketamine experience can translate into the best possible health results. The ketamine will fade away, but your words, captured here, will remain available to revisit and explore as you move forward.

About the Author
Katherine Inez Davis followed a lifelong belief in the power of words to achieve undergraduate and graduate degrees in English and Professional Writing. Her published work earned a Fellowship from the Knight Foundation and awards from the International Association of Business Communicators and Pennsylvania Press Association. She has placed creative writing in Steam Ticket, The Ravens Perch, Green Silk Journal, and Line Zero. Originally from New Jersey, Davis now resides in northeast Pennsylvania.

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ISBN: 978-1-958711-25-5