By David and Jackie Siegel
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About the Book
On June 6, 2015, David and Jackie Siegel received the call that no parent should ever get. Victoria, their beautiful, vibrant 18-year-old daughter, had died of a drug overdose. The Siegels vowed to do whatever it takes to prevent this from happening to other parents. 

Right after Victoria passed away, Jackie received a text from one of Victoria’s friends, directing her to look in Victoria’s bedroom nightstand for a secret diary Victoria had kept—and suggesting they publish it. The Siegels decided to honor Victoria’s wish.

Victoria’s diary, in her own hand and featuring her own art, is bookended by intros by her parents before it and tips and resources after it. Victoria’s Voice is a gripping peek inside the mind of a sometimes happy, healthy teen and other times a teen dramatically influenced by drugs and alcohol.

This is Victoria’s voice—from beyond the grave. It could save your child’s life.

About the Authors
David and Jackie Siegel are committed to turning the tragedy of the daughter Victoria’s death into a national platform for drug awareness, abuse prevention and saving lives.

As public figures, the Siegels effectively advocated for the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA), signed into law on July 22, 2016, by President Obama. This was the first major federal addiction legislation in 40 years and the most comprehensive effort undertaken to address the opioid epidemic—laying the groundwork for a coordinated national response.

In 2019, the Siegels established the Victoria’s Voice Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity to help end the drug crisis. To date, more than 500,000 parents and children have been positively impacted by the foundation’s educational programming. Victoria’s Voice is also focused on making naloxone—a medicine used to treat overdose—more widely available.

Format: Paperback
Trim size: 6×9
Cover price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-958711-50-7
Page count: 318


“Addiction is a disease that touches nearly every family in this country. Victoria’s Voice brings to life the very personal struggles faced by those battling addiction and the impact it has on families. By sharing Victoria’s diary entries with the public, David and Jackie Siegel are preserving their daughter’s wishes and dreams and providing important resources to a public in crisis. We hope other families touched by addiction read Victoria’s words and are motivated to share their own stories and help bring this disease into the light.”
—Jessica Nickel, President and CEO, Addiction Policy Forum