By Trina Stutzman

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One woman’s journey to find peace, using practical tools to become her true self

About the Book
12 Steps to Overcome People Pleasing shares the journey of Holistic Life Coach Trina Stutzman, who has lived a perfectly imperfect life. She is not a guru on a mountaintop but a guide by your side, empowering you to find your voice and have the courage to be unapologetically yourself.

In Trina’s book, you will discover the wisdom that helped her work through some of her most deeply embedded people-pleasing habits. Through Trina’s stories to illustrate the 12 steps, she fearlessly reveals the messiness of her life to share a few laughs, tears, and perspectives. In her Freedom Toolkit, she offers practical tips to help you navigate your soul journey so you too can experience more freedom and peace—both in your relationships and life. 

This book is a gift to every individual who wants to be the joyous, confident person they were meant to be.

About the Author
Trina Stutzman is passionate about empowering individuals to live intentionally by choosing who they want to become. She is a sought-after life coach, author, and speaker. She holds credentials through the International Coaching Federation and is a lay minister through Stephen Ministries. She holds a certificate in Family Business Advising through the Family Firm Institute and is a Reiki Master.

With 20 years coaching experience in various fields, Trina combines her passions and expertise and helps individuals take stock of all the roles they are playing in their lives and get to the root of who they truly are: powerful and limitless. When Trina is not nurturing others, she can be found living the life she loves and spending time with her four grown children, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 

Format: Paperback
Trim size: 6×9
Cover price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-952481-39-0
Page count: 90