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By Mary G. Jackson, MEd, MS, LCPC

About the Book
Author Mary G. Jackson, MEd, MS, LCPC, invites readers to enrich their spiritual journeys. This book is about the search for the connection between you as the beloved creation of the Divine and the mystery hidden in plain sight right here on Earth, right now.

PRESENCE offers fresh ideas to consider, unique methods to explore, and profound ways to live your life fully aware of your ever-present spiritual journey. This book explores how the Divine shows itself in our lives, and how our everyday lives are filled with that presence. You’ll discover the Divine in things that are delightful, when we suffer and fail and have to try again, and when our plans unfold effortlessly or come to an abrupt standstill. PRESENCE will also take you into the world of words and story as we seek to unravel the amazing symbolism in language.

PRESENCE is for people who love their faith but who have had that gut feeling that there could be more. It is for those who doubt their faith but are still open to seek more. This beautiful book connects your regular, everyday life with the Divine.

About the Author
Mary G. Jackson, MEd, MS, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in private practice and a graduate of Loyola College of Maryland’s School of Pastoral Counseling. She holds two master’s degrees, the first studying educational psychology and the second in counseling, followed by advanced study in pastoral counseling.

Mary has led an eclectic life spurred by her adventurous curiosity. She is just as much at home in the city of her birth, Washington, D.C., the Maryland farm raising alpacas, or the coastal beach of Delaware. Mary delights in her close and loving family, world travel, and a search for meaning. A life-long seeker, Mary invites you to ponder your spiritual journey and to recognize the Divine in your everyday life.

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