By Adriel Nicole Sparks

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A nine-step method to slay depression and birth as the word of God

Adriel, author and seven-year depression survivor, knows how it feels to question your identity. Suicide has knocked on the doors of her mind too many times to count. But even at her breaking point, God’s power
stepped in and put depression on his knees. She’s learned that the only real cure to this illness is the Cross. When Jesus died for you, depression died too. He took the lashes to help you overcome every mental bruise. 

The question is, how do we grab onto that power today? By activating in His image. If He’s the Word, you’re His Activated Word, full of force and fire. Join Adriel as she teaches you how to become the mirrored reflection of God Himself. You don’t have to live in bondage to your thoughts. She can give you the keys that’ll set you free. With raw stories and creative guides,  you’ll find the tools needed to slice away doubt and gain unshakeable faith and self-love.  

This book is for the woman who: 

• Feels like an outcast in society
• Is hungry for purpose and identity
• Struggles with body image disorders
• Has lost faith in herself or in God’s grace
• Compares her life to women in the media
• Deals with trauma, past regrets, or failure


About the Author
Adriel Nicole Sparks is a wife to a faithful husband of nine years, a mother to three beautiful children, and a creative writer and graphic designer for her ministry’s powerpacked newsletters, call her determined. Her passions include spreading the warmth of God and helping women find their truest identity. As someone once damaged by childhood abuse and four distinctive forms of mental illness, she believes your destiny lies beneath the acts of resilience. Her message is: “You’ll never discover who you are until you’ve been molded under the pressure of a fire.”

Format: Paperback 
Trim size: 6×9
Cover price: $22
Page count: 286
ISBN: 978-1-952481-23-9