I’m originally from the Boston area. My first job out of college (Colorado State University) was at Better Homes and Gardens in Des Moines, Iowa. From there my husband, Dave, and I moved back east to Maine and then on to Pennsylvania, where my husband went to nursing school and I worked at Rodale, from 1993-1997. I was Assoc. Art Director in the Health & Fitness Books group and managed the design and production of about 40 titles per year. I loved working at Rodale, but we missed family and the ocean so we left Pennsylvania for Cape Cod, and later made our way back to the coast of Maine. We have been back in Maine for about 12 years but just moved into a new home last month. Last month we also celebrated our 36th anniversary. We enjoy boating and camping with our Jack Russell. We don’t have kids, just the 4-legged kind. For winter fun we belong to a curling club and we ski when we’re not curling (but we’re usually curling!).