by Michele Fisher
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The first book in the Come Travel with Me series, this new book series offers a kids’ eye view of major US travel destinations, including a special “where’s the puppy”? feature! They’re perfect gifts to give a child while planning a trip or keepsakes to bring home. Parents will love the “Parents’ Pages” at the back, which include fun facts and travel tips about the city.

About the Author
Michele Fisher was born and raised and is now raising her family in Chester County, Pennsylvania. She and her husband have two children. Michele has worked for 25 years in financial services. She was inspired to create the Come Travel with Me book series by her daughter’s interest in travel and willingness to be adventurous and try new things. Michele loves traveling to new places with her family.
About the Illustrator
Joy Kulp is a Chinese-born teenager who attends the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Joy loves to draw, especially anime. She lives with her parents, sister, and their three dogs.
• Trim size: 5×7
• Cover price: $6.95
• ISBN: 978-0-9986531-5-0
• Page count: 64