By JoAnn Lakin Jackson

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About the Book
What do you know about Irish Wolfhounds? 

This fanciful tale is about an Irish Wolfhound that meets and rescues several leprechauns. In this story, the wolfhound is rewarded for his actions, bravery, and loyalty. What could a leprechaun do to honor the wolfhound and make him special? Along the way, the Irish Wolfhound also learns some secrets about leprechauns. Read this book to discover those secrets!

About the Author
Coming home to Irish Wolfhounds for some fifty years, showing them, being involved with other IW activities filled out JoAnn Lakin Jackson’s busy life as a Kindergarten teacher at Cherrydale  Primary  School in Steilacoom, Washington. Now retired, she shares her life with her husband, Paul, and their Border Terrier, Duggan.

Besides showing her dogs here in the U.S., she has put titles on her dogs at Canadian and International shows  and attainied obedience as well as other working titles on her dogs.

While she was teaching, she often adapted well-known children’s stories into plays for her students to perform. After retiring, she has written two collections of short stories, Unexpected Diversity Tales, followed by a collection of stories, Naught Dog  Tails Tales,  written by Duggan himself, with help from JoAnn.

JoAnn and Paul are both writers, belonging to Plateau Area Writer’s Association, a writing group in the South Sound area of Puget Sound in Washington State, which is where the two met.About the artist: Kat Moloney started showing Irish Wolfhounds with her dad two years ago. She has two beautiful giants named Selene and Lycan. She also loves creating art and started her journey within the arts during the coronavirus pandemic. After graduating high school in 2022, she will be attending Pacific Lutheran University, majoring in studio arts and psychology.

Format: Hardcover
Trim size: 8.5×11
Cover price: $20
ISBN: 978-1-952481-59-8
Page count: 34