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About the Book
Spaghetti and Meatball is a beautifully illustrated picture book of how a little, lost duck finds his way. The small, flat duck falls out of a library book and searches for a place to nap.  Little did he know that the spot he napped in would turn his world upside down.  Jelly Sandwich, a school librarian, shows an innocent duck what total acceptance means and has her world changed forever too. This story of love, adoption, and what it means to be a family will warm your heart. This is the first of a series of books about Meatball and the adventures he becomes involved in as he begins his new life as part of the Sandwich family.  

About the Author and Illustrator

Meredith Lesney

Meredith Lesney was born in Seoul, South Korea, and at four months of age, she was adopted into a family in the United States. She grew up in Pennsylvania with her parents and older sister. Meredith attended Lock Haven University where she completed her B.S. degree in Library Science. She also has two Master’s degrees in technology from Wilkes University. She currently works as a middle school librarian.  

Meredith has a great love of travel and has visited more than 30 countries around the world. Some of the highlights of her journeys include a visit to her homeland in South Korea, climbing on the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, and seeing the Terracotta Warriors in China. She looks forward to many more travels ahead.

A number of years ago, Meredith received a gift of a stuffed duck from her favorite cousin. She took the duck to school where her students fell in love with it and the many stories she made up about it. She named the duck Meatball. Meatball has become so popular in her school that he has appeared in the yearbook many times. The fact that her students have become so enchanted by Meatball inspired Meredith to write her stories.

Felicia Parish

Born and raised in Irvington, NJ, Felicia Parish loved to play hopscotch and double dutch. Even when she moved to Pennsylvania at age 14, she loved being outside. Her love of camping and hiking started when her parents took her and her older sister when they were very little. Felicia’s favorite trips were to the beach where she would jump in the waves and bury her feet in the sand. To this day that’s one of her favorite summer activities. Now, along with her husband, Felicia takes their two boys on camping, hiking, and beach adventures. Besides wishing she were a mermaid, Felicia loves to garden, take photos of her family and nature, and paint.

Felicia became an art teacher to share her love of art with her students. Working with watercolors is her favorite type of artwork. Felicia also enjoys expressing herself with clay and photography. 

Felicia met Meredith working at the middle school. As their friendship grew over the years, so did their dream of becoming an author-illustrator team. When Meredith wrote her first story about Meatball, she asked Felicia to create the illustrations of her beloved character. Ever since the first sketch, Felicia and Meredith have continued to dream about Meatball’s adventures. 

• Format: Paperback
• Trim size: 11×8.5
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• ISBN: 978-0-9986531-2-9
• Page count: 48

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