The Top 35 Reasons to Become a Bright Communications Franchisee

  1. Use your experience and expertise to help other people realize their publishing dreams.
  2. Join one of the lowest-start-up-cost franchises in the industry—less than $40,000.
  3. Be part of the FIRST book publishing franchise.
  4. Help to revolutionize the publishing industry, making publishing easier and accessible to everyone.
  5. Run your business with few equipment requirements and minimal ongoing costs, such as office supplies.
  6. Run your own business from your home—or anywhere you love.
  7. Have a flexible schedule, setting your own workdays and work hours. 
  8. Enjoy a better work-life balance, spend more time with family, and demonstrate the value of owning your own business. 
  9. Your home office and business supplies might be tax-deductible business expenses.
  10. Join our enthusiastic, passionate team of smart, caring professionals.
  11. Work with our team of trained editorial and design professionals—no need to find, hire, and train any employees yourself.
  12. Help people and organizations publish materials to celebrate milestones or events. 
  13. Focus on finding authors, editing books, and managing projects—while we support you with invoicing, training, and more.
  14. Use our efficient, effective process to publish top quality books.
  15. Be mentored by our founding CEO, a veteran and mom–with a unique blend of efficient organization and nurturing leadership.
  16. Work with an innovative company that’s always looking for newer, better ways to help authors and readers.
  17. Learn new things every day, working with words and books.
  18. Publish your own books–paying only the costs and retaining 100% of the proceeds. 
  19. Help authors realize their publishing dreams–often meeting a bucket list goal.
  20. Work with authors during a very special time of their lives–the birth of their book.
  21. Help those authors help readers live healthier, happier lives. 
  22. Avoid work travel—unless you want to. No travel is required.
  23. Choose the types of projects you work on—such as fiction (children’s, youth, and adult), nonfiction (cookbooks, memoir, business books, self-help, health, etc). 
  24. Benefit from a wide variety of lead-generating programs and ideas to help you find projects, including: Self-publishing assist program, Full publishing packages, Collaborative books, Author coaching program, Wandering Writers Workshops, Memory and Legacy Preservation Program, Twilight End-of-Life Bio Program, School workshop and scholarship program.
  25. Find new projects with simple networking in your local area.
  26. Work with around one-third of our authors as repeat authors, who go on to publish two or even three books.
  27. Support your authors in their book sales with our Bright Communications Publishing Tools, including: Amazon review checking, QR code generating, Promo tool creating (bookmark, flyer, review request insert), and ePitching.
  28. Enjoy many tasks being centralized at corporate, so you don’t have to worry about them, including: ISBN and eISBN assigning, Library of Congress number requesting, copyright claiming, project tracking, account file creating, book uploading, Amazon review tracking, ePitch developing and sending, QR code creating, author and Library of Congress book fulfilling, website managing, and promotion piece creating.
  29. Feel confident with our extensive corporate support. We will do our best to help you to succeed every step of the way.
  30. Partner with customers to create book series, such as a series of books for an organization of inventors or a series of books about local businesspeople.
  31. Work with other customers on non-book content, such as blogs, website content, brochures, training manuals, and handouts. These can be very profitable, ongoing projects. 
  32. Extend your franchise three times, up to 20 years.
  33. Have the potential to resell the franchise if desired, meaning you have an exit strategy in place.
  34. Enjoy a career that grows with you.
  35. You will make a difference in many, many people’s lives!

Our franchise-driven, independent publishing model will revolutionize the publishing industry.
Let’s make history together!

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