By Scott Gendal

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The modern, spiritual adventure That’s All I Ever Wanted to Be tells the story of Evan Bloom, a man who gives up everything to reveal the diversities of poverty verses wealth, enemies verses friendship, life verses death, and loneliness verses true love. On his journey in and around New York City, Evan learns to trust his instincts and intuition in discovering his true self. 

How is it that a young thirty-something, multi- millionaire stockbroker with all of the trappings that wealth brings could leave it all behind to live penniless? Is there more to life than having great wealth? Can one more readily discover the meaning of life, love and true happiness by living with nothing? 

It would be hard to think that many important lessons could not be learned by pursuing the life you were born to live, discovering your soul’s purpose, finding your soulmate and creating the life you have always dreamed of. 

Join Evan on his journey to share his gift with the world and be loved and enlightened. That’s All He Ever Wanted to Be…

About the Author
Scott Gendal has written more than 2,000 songs and poems with a Pilot G2 pen on yellow legal pads.

Scott wrote both the book and lyrics to the rock musical “Your Biggest Fan,” which is currently in preproduction. 

A standup comedian, Scott performed and worked at Carolines Comedy Club in New York City. 

In the summer of 2017, Scott wrote five-minute poetry for passers-by in New York City’s Washington Square Park.

Scott is originally from Dix Hills, Long Island, and is a graduate of Hofstra University. He currently resides in New York City and Delray Beach, Florida. 

That’s All I Ever Wanted to Be is Scott’s first novel.

Format: Hardcover
Trim size: 6×9
Cover price: $29.95
Page count: 354
ISBN: 978-1-958711-35-4