Our Bright Communications Author Coaching program will help you to:
• Establish goals
• Break the publishing process down into manageable, actionable steps
• Hold you accountable
• Ensure you finish your book!

The Bright Communications Publishing Coaching program is made up of steps, designed to complete approximately one per week. Each step includes:
• What to do
• Why to do it
• How to do it, with two options:

• Yourself, investing time
• Hiring us, investing money

There’s never been a better time to get your book published because there are so many options available. Our program helps writers get published—whether your plan is to go publish via:
• traditional publishing: work with an agent to sell your book to a traditional publishing house
• self-publishing: invest the time and resources yourself to publish it via Create Space
• custom publishing: our program to help you to self-publish more quickly and easily
The wonderful thing is that all three roads—traditional, self, and custom—start on the same path so you can begin the process and work through many early steps before you have to choose which path to take.
The program costs $1,000 (a $1,500 value!), with the option to hire us to do steps for you as you go.
As coaches, we offer no guarantee of a publishing deal.
Our promise is to support, coach, advise, and guide you toward publication.