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Who Are We?
Bright Communications is a woman veteran-owned independent publisher in Hellertown, Pennsylvania. It’s the middle ground between:


Traditional publishing: Where they pay you and do a lot of the work, but they hijack control of your book!
Self-publishing: Where you maintain control over your book, but you pay all of the money, and you do all of the work!


Custom publishing is a quicker route to publishing than traditional publishing, and it’s a less expensive route than self-publishing.


Why Should You Publish a Book?



    • As a published author, you’re automatically a recognized authority.

    • Your byline on a book is your ticket to television, magazine, and radio interviews.

    • Spokesperson, media, and speaking opportunities increase.

    • Offering your books for sale after seminars and speeches allows you to cash in on “back of the room” sales.

    • Offering your wisdom, expertise, and experience in a book benefits thousands of people—many of whom will never have the chance to meet you personally.


Books have impact:

    • Reading on paper is slower and deeper than on screen; paper readers remember more.

    • Reading a book stimulates emotions and desires.

    • Reading a printed book requires more focused attention than reading on screen—fewer distractions.

    • A book drives sensory involvement, which contributes to impact on readers.

    • Books are preferred by the majority of people—even millennials.

    • Your book will help you spread your message far and wide.

    • Your book is your legacy.

Why Should You Publish with Us?

    • We’re an efficient, effective, excellent team of highly trained editorial, design, and marketing professionals.

    • We have a proven track record of strictly adhering to budgets and schedules.

    • Our forte is working with expert authors and visionary brands.

  • We love our work, we have fun—and you will too!

What Does It Cost?
We have four tiers of publishing, which are also customizable. You receive 100 percent of profits.

Picture book/booklet: up to 36 pages: $3,900
Pocket books: 37 to 100 pages: $7,900
Main books: 101-160 pages: $9,900
Supersized books: Talk with us to develop a custom proposal

  • Special pricing for novels: $7,900

These costs include: table of contents creation, schedule writing, coaching, editing, copyediting, cover designing, interior designing, layout, project managing, and printing on demand (bulk printing at an additional cost).

What Benefits Do We Offer?
Our goal is to help you share your ideas, tips, vision, and story. To that aim, we offer you:


    • Quicker route to publication than traditional or self-publishing

    • Increased chance to make greater profits than traditional publishing

    • Less-expensive route to publication than self-publishing

    • You retain more control over the book than traditional publishing.

    • Experienced, effective coaching to guide you from your idea to your finished book

    • Talented team of 25+ editorial, design, and marketing professionals

    • One liaison between you and our team—giving you a simple, sole point of contact

    • Organizational pro to keep your book on budget and schedule

    • Paperback or hardcover editions, plus optional eBook and audiobook

    • Printing on demand

    • Bulk printing (at an additional cost)

    • Inclusion of your book in our twice-yearly catalog

    • Extensive menu of Promotion Tools, including bookmarks, flyers, postcards, and calendars

    • Enthusiastic, experienced public relations and traditional media and social media support (at an additional cost)

    • Foreign rights sales to sell the rights to international companies to publish your book

    • Premium/corporate sales

    • We make publishing easy and fun!

Exciting Add-ons


    • Professional writing (Starts at $3,500)

    • Researching ($40 per hour)

    • Illustrations ($150 each)

    • In preparation for your book’s release—and to accelerate your book’s sales—we connect you with our Launch Partners, who work with you to promote your book. ($1,200-$5,600)

    • We can also work with you to develop videos, apps, websites, and more.

Our Current Titles
In addition to working on literally thousands of books for dozens of other companies, our team has published these titles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do your packages cover?
Our packages cover the creation, publishing, printing, storage, promotion tool development of your paperback or hardcover, plus optional eBook (for Kindle) and audiobook (for Amazon ACX), including:


    • Project management

    • Writing coaching

    • Editing

    • Copyediting

    • Cover designing

    • Interior designing

    • Indexing (if applicable)

    • 2 rounds of reviews

    • Bar code

    • ISBN

    • Printing on demand

    • Bulk printing at an additional cost

    • Bright Communications Promotion Tools

Who owns the copyright?
You do.

Do you publish all books that come to you?
No, we are very selective, working only on books we feel have a good chance of success. 

Will my book be sold in all stores?
Your book will be available to order in all stores that sell books. We post your eBook to Amazon for Kindle and your audiobook to Amazon for ACX. Yes, there are other platforms, but we haven’t found them to be sales beneficial. 

How many books will I sell?
Because they aren’t properly promoted, 90 percent of books published in the United States sell fewer than 100 copies. We will work with you to create your best book; we will create Bright Communications Publishing Tools for your book to help you sell your book; and we will provide you with valuable connections to one of our Launch Partners, who will help you to accelerate your sales. 

How much money will I make?
It depends upon where the books are sold:


    • If you sell a book personally to a friend or at an event, you can charge the cover price.

    • If a book sells to a store, library, or website, you are paid a percentage of the cover price.

How do I get paid?
We help you to set up accounts with Amazon or Ingram Spark to sell your print, eBook, and audiobook. Amazon or Ingram Spark sends your payments directly to your bank. Your book will also be also available to order at stores nationwide.

How do you promote the book?
No matter whether you publish with us, a traditional publisher, or self-publish, promotion is the responsibility of the author. We create Bright Communications Publishing Tools for you to use. We can connect you with our Launch Partners, whom you can hire to help you to accelerate your sales, usually a few months before and/or a few months after your book releases.

Bright Communications Promotion Tools
Our Bright Communications Promotion Tools are included in your publishing package and include many deliverables, which are detailed below. These tools are tailored specifically for your book/brand. These tools are created in the weeks leading up to your book’s release. 


    • Bright Communications Publishing Catalog: Full-page listing in our twice-yearly Bright Communications Publishing Catalog for the first year after publication, partial-page listing in our Bright Communications Publishing Catalog each year after

    • Bookmarks: We create a unique bookmark for your book.

    • Postcards: We create a unique postcard for your book.

    • Flyer: We create a unique flyer for your book.

    • Review Request Insert: We create a branded half-page flyer to insert in your books, requesting readers to post reviews.

    • One-Page Calendars: We create a unique calendar for your book each November.

    • Amazon Reviews: We monitor your book’s Amazon page for reviews, likes, and comments to them, and share them with you.

    • Local Library, Media, and Store Pitching: We create a unique pitch for your book for libraries, media, and stores, and we send it to our lists of local libraries, media, and stores—and also to any emails you provide to us.

Let’s talk about your book! Contact us for a free publishing consultation: Jennifer@BrightCommunications.net