By Samantha Rohe, MD
Illustrated by Sophie Cemaj
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About the Book
Mommy why can’t I see the virus? 
Why can’t we go see Grandpa and Grandma? 
Is the zoo still closed due to the germs?

Children all over the world are asking questions like this about Covid-19. The best way for parents to answer these questions and to help their children feel safe and at ease is to have conversations.

Be a Hero Too was created to help start these conversations. This pandemic has created a lot of changes for families. Every child handles it differently. Some children may brush it off and hardly notice, but many children are much more observant and pick up on a lot more than their parents might realize. They may have fears and worries about our current world. The best way to know what these anxieties are is to talk with them. This book will help you!

About the Author
Samantha Rohe, MD, was born and raised in Newcastle, Nebraska and was always drawn to medicine. She attended Creighton University in Omaha, NE and while there it didn’t take long to know that being a Pediatrician was for her! She loved the resilience of kids, the ability to be silly while working, the constant changes day to day, and being able to work with the entire family. She attended residency at Saint Louis University/Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri. Today she works as a general pediatrician for Children’s Physicians/UNMC. She lives with her husband and their two children in Omaha, NE.   

About the Illustrator
Sophie Cemaj was raised between southern California, Mexico City, and Omaha, Nebraska. She attended Emory University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. After graduating, she worked at the National Institute on Drug Abuse as a post baccalaureate researcher in medicinal chemistry. She currently attends the University of Nebraska Medical Center and is pursuing her MD. Sophie has been an avid doodler her entire life. She practiced her skills throughout her education, whether in the margins of elementary school worksheets or her chemical synthesis notebooks. She hopes to incorporate her love of art into her future medical practice.

Format: Paperback
Trim size: 8.5×11
Page count: 18
ISBN: 978-1-950459-18-6
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