Stories for Hope, Contexts for Conversations, and Inspiration for Transformation
by Simeon R. Hernandez III and Mitch McKinney
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About the Book
In a world where fear, stress, and anxiety can lead to depression for us or someone we love, how can we be a source of inspiration and a catalyst for hope? CLEAR The Air:  The Emotional Responder System is designed to help people who are suffering from anxiety and depression realize that they may not be alone and that there can be hope in the hopelessness. By sharing personal experiences with anxiety and depression and applying lessons learned from their personal and professional lives, Simeon Hernandez and Mitch McKinney highlight how we can be the authors of “Stories for Hope” as they introduce a system that has worked well for them in having conversations with people who are dealing with emotional and mental challenges—and how they ultimately inspired them to seek additional help. They provide contexts for conversations that we have regarding anxiety and depression so that we can reduce and eliminate the stigma that hold people back from getting the help that they need. By empowering people to “CLEAR The Air” and become “Emotional Responders,” we can become an “Inspiration for Transformation” as we guide our friends and loved ones who are suffering from a mental or emotional injury to get the help that they need.

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About the Authors

Coauthor: Simeon R. Hernandez III
Throughout his career, Simeon has used his behavioral analysis training to create a history of achievement. With more than 25 years of experience in driving business growth, leading start-up and turn-around efforts, and simplifying operational processes, he is a cofounder and the managing partner for Hope323, a company dedicated to providing insights and strategies for Inspired Transformation. A graduate of the improv training program from the highly acclaimed “Players Workshop of the Second City,” an accomplished martial artist, and a talented musician who is active in his church, Simeon incorporates key takeaways from the passions of his life with his business experience to deliver inspirational keynote presentations, produce engaging events, and provide innovative consulting programs for personal and business success.

Coauthor: Mitch McKinney
For the past 18 years, Mitch has dedicated his life to helping people find freedom in all aspects of their lives through vocational ministry. Since 2010, he has used his pastoral, communication, and strategic skills to serve a multi-site church in Orlando, Florida, that reaches more than 8,000 people each weekend. While he is a highly engaging and inspirational communicator, he spends most of his time as an experienced CLEAR system responder, who cares for people during their darkest seasons and deepest struggles. Mitch uses his own struggles with mental health to help provide hope for the hopeless and healing for the hurting.

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