Murder, Betrayal, and Redemption
by James Eugene Abel
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About the Book
THE DEEP STATE is determined to bring down the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as BLUE and her friends finally take the fight to the enemy. In the process, they discover who is behind the burning of America’s cities, the relentless attacks on America’s Judeo-Christian foundings, and the all-out war on its entire social fabric. 

His finest novel! Abel’s suspenseful story is entwined with good and evil. Laced with deception from economic giants and politicians, it makes one wonder if this could be happening in our world today.  A book you will not want to put down!
Marilyn Hatley, Mayor, North Myrtle Beach, SC 

God and Country! Abel takes us through this adventure with road signs taken right out of the Bible.  I thought his biblical reference to the statue in front of the United Nations was pure fiction until researching it for myself. Turns out, it was right on. In fact, the UN recently had the statue quietly removed.  It really makes you wonder if Abel’s fictional predictions are closer to the truth than we would like to believe! 
Dr. Robert Bridger, Professor Emeritus, FMU

About the Author
Jim Abel has spent portions of his life in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and South Carolina, which he and his wife now call home.  A retired financial executive at a fortune 500 Company, this is his third novel, all of them having been written since retiring. Earlier books include Side(H)arm and Blue’s Code. While Abel is an avid golfer and boater, the inspiration for his novels comes from his concern over the future of the United States of America and his love and respect for both God and country.

Format: paperback
Trim size: 5×8
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ISBN: 978-1-952481-95-6
Page count: 250