A Novel

By Steven Decker

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About the Book
Emily Noland is a trauma survivor who never remembers her dreams. While searching for a job, her lifelong interest in cinema is sparked by an ad about a projector for sale, and something happens that mysteriously changes everything.

Emily not only starts remembering her dreams, she finds herself transforming them into reality, and her life inexplicably begins to blossom. She travels around the world searching for answers, encountering people and experiencing life-changing events that she’s dreamed about before, forming relationships that could last a lifetime.

But new, powerful dreams compel her to abandon the path she’d hoped to follow, and Emily must now face a final, frightening question. Can she determine her own destiny or will it be written by processes she simply cannot control?

About the Author
Steven Decker has traveled throughout the world for most of his adult life, always with a deep and abiding respect for other cultures. His favorite place is Ireland, which he visits nearly every year to walk cross-country, enjoying the breathtaking scenery and incomparable hospitality of the Irish people. He lives and writes in a small, rural town in the northwest corner of Connecticut, with his three dogs, and is now working on his next novel.

Format: Paperback
Trim size: 5×8″
Cover price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-952481-55-0
Page count: 276