A Novel

By Steven Decker

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Best friends Michael Stevens and Billy Dexter have been athletic rivals their entire lives, first in youth swimming, then in high school track, and finally in triathlon.  A terrible accident plunges their exceptional athletic careers into a long hiatus, but when they meet Liza Whitlock and Allie West, two extraordinary athletes themselves, a final reckoning is inevitable.  Culminating in two thrilling world championship triathlon races, Distant Finish is a compelling look at the beauty and agony of sport merging with life itself.

About the Author
Steven Decker has traveled throughout the world for most his adult life, mostly for business, but always with a deep and abiding respect for other cultures. For many years, he was an active triathlete, and in Distant Finish he combines his knowledge of the sport with his extensive experiences in many places around the globe. His favorite place is Ireland, which he visits nearly every year to walk cross-country, enjoying the breathtaking scenery and incomparable hospitality of the Irish people. He lives and writes in a small, rural town in the northwest corner of Connecticut, where he lives with his three dogs and is now working on his second novel.

Format: Paperback
Trim size: 5×8
Cover price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-952481-45-1
Page count: 276 pages