By Katarah Jordan

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About the Book
It’s Harvest Time! is a heartwarming children’s book that celebrates the power of land and, family connection, and the joy of growing and sharing food. Join the Bees, an African-American family, as they embark on a journey of love and togetherness in their home garden.

In this beautifully illustrated story, readers will meet Mom, Dad, and their children, Arielle and Hasshan. Together, they curate a vibrant garden, transforming their backyard into a flourishing oasis. Through each season, they sow seeds, nurture their crops, and watch as nature works its magic.

As the plants grow, so does the bond within the Bee family. They learn about the importance of patience, care, and hard work, realizing that every member has a unique role to play in tending the garden. Through their labor of love, they discover the wonders of nature and the value of teamwork.

But the Bee family’s garden is not just for their own enjoyment. They believe in the power of community and sharing. As the harvest season arrives, they gather their bountiful crops and share them with their friends and neighbors. The act of giving becomes a joyful celebration of unity and gratitude.

It’s Harvest Time! is a story that highlights the significance of land liberation and the deep connection between peoplehumans and nature. It encourages children to appreciate the Earth’s gifts, teaching them about sustainable practices, and fostering a sense of responsibility toward the environment.

This delightful book inspires young readers to explore the magic of gardening, encourages family bonding, and instills the values of generosity and community. Through the Bees family’s story, children will be inspired to embark on their own gardening adventures, discovering the wonders of the Earth and the joy of sharing its abundant harvest.

“May we raise our children with our indigenous love, rather than with our colonial pain.” —Indigenous Motherhood

About the Author
Author Katarah Jordan is not only a passionate writer but also a Master Gardener with a deep dedication to teaching youth about the importance of growing their own food. As a mother and wife, she understands the significance of nurturing both the people and the things she encounters in life.

With her expertise and experience, Katarah Jordan has founded “What’s Healthy Grows,” which focuses on empowering communities, especially children, to develop sustainable and healthy relationships with the land, by starting right at home. Through educational programs and hands-on activities, she encourages young minds to connect with nature, cultivate their own gardens, and understand the benefits of fresh, homegrown produce.

It’s Harvest Time! is a beautiful manifestation of Katarah Jordan’s commitment to sharing her knowledge and love for gardening. Through her writing, she weaves together the themes of land liberation, family connection, and the power of growing food, inspiring young readers to appreciate the wonders of the Earth and the joy of nurturing life.

Format: Hardcover
Trim size: 8.5×8.5
Cover price: $20
Page count: 18
ISBN: 978-1-958711-53-8