8 Reasons Top Reasons to Publish a Book

By Jennifer Bright

There’s never been a better time to publish a book. Why? Because you are probably home, maybe with free time and looking for something productive to do. Also because today the traditional publishing houses in New York are far from the only game in town. There’s a wide spectrum of publishing options—traditional publishing to self-publishing with a myriad of custom and hybrid publishing options in between.

But WHY should you publish a book? Here are some top reasons.

  • As a published author, you’re automatically a recognized authority.
  • Your byline on a book is your ticket to television, magazine, and radio interviews.
  • Spokesperson, media, and speaking opportunities increase.
  • Offering your books for sale after seminars and speeches allows you to cash in on “back of the room” sales.
  • Offering your wisdom, expertise, and experience in a book benefits thousands of people—many of whom will never have the chance to meet you personally.
  • Books have impact:
    • Reading on paper is slower and deeper than on screen; paper readers remember more.Reading a book stimulates emotions and desires.
    • Reading a printed book requires more focused attention than reading on screen—fewer distractions.
    • A book drives sensory involvement, which contributes to impact on readers.
    • Books are preferred by the majority of people—even millennials.
    • Your book will help you spread your message far and wide.
    • Your book is your legacy.

Great books have been written in as few as a few minutes a day. Find some time, grab your laptop or even pen and paper, and write your book—one word at a time!

About the author: Jennifer Bright is founder and CEO of Bright Communications, a woman- and veteran-owned custom publisher in Hellertown, PA, helping expert authors and visionary brands bring their books to light.