Announcing the Bright Communications Publishing Workshop, Contest, and Scholarship Program.

We will partner with local leaders and national brands to inspire and inform the next generation of authors.

Publishing Workshops

We’ll work with schools—elementary, middle, or high school—to support teachers in running our Bright Communications Publishing Workshop. Students will participate in six sessions:

• Idea generation
• Writing
• Editing
• Designing
• Printing
• Publishing and promoting

Each student will receive a free workshop packet for their workshop, including the following supplies, which will be donated by sponsoring partners:

• Workshop book
• Blank book template
• Pencils
• Colored pencils or crayons
• Ruler
• Pencil case

Each session will have a national sponsor, which will provide food and beverages for the students—many of whom are from food insecure homes.

Partnership Levels
• $250: sponsor one school for one year
• $1,000: sponsor one region for one year
• $2,500: sponsor one state for one year
• $10,000: sponsor all US schools for one year
• $25,000: national marquis sponsor for one year

Multi-school sponsors receive their logo and company name listed on:
• program page
• All program promotion materials
• Partner Page in the students’ workshop book
• Acknowledgements Page in the students’ book template

Partners also receive the opportunity to provide coupons, samples, and products to the schools, teachers, and students.

Each student who participates in the program and creates a publication-ready book will receive assistance publishing their book to All profits from sales of their books will go DIRECTLY to them. This could potentially earn these children extra income.


Each year, our scholarship committee will select two winners, who will each receive a partial college scholarship. The winners will be announced in November, to celebrate “Work in Publishing Week.”

The scholarships support our company values and they honor the Bright Communications founder’s children’s grandparents:

• Mary Bright Scholarship:  Honoring persistence
• J. Richard Bright Scholarship: Honoring integrity

Schools: Email me to learn more and to bring the Bright Communications Publishing Workshop, Contest, and Scholarship Program to your school!

Partners: Email me to become a part of our program! Together, we can help so many more students bring their book ideas to life.